My name is Tobi Thompson and I'm a fresh graduate from Syracuse University in S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the College of Arts & Sciences.

If that's not a mouthful enough, my interests expand from writing, to traveling, to music, to animals, to lifestyle and more. Recently, I've dabbled in science-based reporting (such as news at SUNY ESF and the Flint, Michigan water crisis) and loved it, despite my lack of formal scientific knowledge.

Although it seems like I love too many things, I really emphasize that I'm more than willing to learn and work on the things that I do love. As an aspiring writer and/or editor and traveler, my career-based and life-based goals are simply to explore.

National Geographic obsessor; animal lover; devoted to commitment; Oreo demolisher (double-stuf* only please)

My greatest skill might be my ability to connect any situation with a Gilmore Girls reference.


*Nabisco Oreo advertises "double-stuf" with one "f." I know these things because I care.